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Our Story

LandSolution was born in a small farming town in Western Massachusetts in early 2016 by two friends and cousins - John Marchefka and Patrick Martineau. John and Patrick came from humble beginnings in an economically depressed area of the country. Both began their working careers at a young age working on local farms, this instilled a love of land and a respect for the hard work needed to earn a living off the land. 

As the years went on John and Patrick took different career paths. John embarked upon an entrepreneurial journey that spanned decades and many different businesses from founding construction companies to various real estate development enterprises culminating in a business focused on using new age technology to analyze and secure land for development purposes. Patrick went the corporate route with a large company in the food industry and worked his way up the corporate ladder. After many years of talking about doing something together that would be meaningful to both partners. John and Patrick decided to take the plunge and start a land development business together. All they really knew is that between the two of them they understood land development and business fairly well and wanted to focus on rural land due to their upbringing and heritage rooted in farmland and rural properties. 


They were not immediately sure what the strategy was going to be but they knew their purpose was to find the intersection of land, profit and stewardship. It and took around 6 months of diligent research to determine what the strategy was going to be. After looking at most industries that use rural land to generate revenue they discovered that large scale solar farms were projected to dominate new development in rural America for the foreseeable future as our planet needed to transition from unsustainable fossil fuel based electricity production to renewable sources of energy generation. 

When Patrick and John started to understand the economics of solar farms they realized this could be a real financial shot in the arm for rural America. Considering their unique areas of expertise and ability to relate to landowners, they decided that if they could connect the right landowners with the right developers they could realize their purpose. 

Fast forward 6 years and LandSolution has become one of the premier companies in the solar development industry having worked with thousands of landowners over many hundreds of solar projects across the country. Our efforts have created billions of dollars worth of solar development activity in 16 US states and growing. 

If you have received a letter from us and have any interest in receiving a long-term, stable financial annuity in exchange for placing solar panels on your land please contact us. We only send letters to landowners that have a property suitable for this opportunity. We have years of experience and know how to get you the best value for your land while doing everything we can to ensure your project actually gets built. 


John, Patrick and the entire LandSolution Team


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We're always looking for great landowner partners!

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